The list below represents the key facilities offered by the node, for further equipment details please contact us directly.

OptoFab ACT-Precision Optics

OptoFab @ Macquarie University

  • Femtocond laser based systems
  • Nanosecond laser microfabricstion facility
  • Direct-write laser inscription microphotonics facility (RegA femtosecond laser system)
  • Femtosecond laser microfabrication facility (Spectra Physics Hurricane on a limited basis)
  • CW & Pulsed, widely tunable Coherent Chameleon femtosecond laser
  • JEOL cross sectional polisher
  • Benchtop SEM (Hitachi) with Energy Dispersion System
  • Full optical device characterisation suite
  • Sample preparation facilities
  • Diamond CVD and nanoparticle fabrication facility
  • JEOL Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) with micromanipulators

Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing (IPAS) @ University of Adelaide

  • IPAS Optical Fibre Fabrication Facilities
  • Soft Glass and Soft Glass Fibre Production
  • Soft Glass and Polymer Preform Extrusion
  • Soft Glass Fibre Drawing
  • Silica Fibre Fabrication Facility
  • Modified Chemical Vapour Deposition Lathe (MCVD)
  • Silica Fibre Drawing Tower
  • Silica Fibre Characterisation
  • Glass and Fibre Characterisation and Functionalisation
  • Scanning Near Field and Atomic Force Microscope (SNOM/AFM)

Optical Materials and Devices @ University of Technology Sydney

  • Seki Diamond CVD reactors
  • Intlvac Ion beam Etcher
  • DB235 Delmic spark CL
  • Tube furnaces for annealing and growth