OptoFab offers three basic categories of service. For 80-90% of the work carried out customers will fit into category 1, however, more complex or novel tasks may come under category 2 & 3. The three categories are detailed below;

  1. Straight fee for service
    Skilled operators manufacture or process your components using the high specification equipment available to the node and the piece can be characterised in house. This applies to standard tasks that have known processing or manufacturing steps.

  2. Contract R&D
    Some tasks require development of processing or manufacturing techniques to tailor them to a specific customer demand. This often involves finding complex parameters for each case with a view to rapid prototyping and potentially establishing long term manufacturing solutions. If this is believed to be the case it will be indicated at step 3 and the customer and OptoFab will come to some arrangement over basic IP and authorship rights for subsequent publications.

  3. Consulting
    Providing general technical advice around your desired area of production.

The streamlined and quick application process involves submission of a short proposal. OptoFab aims to provide access within one month of an application being completed and access may take place in a variety of ways. Typically most jobs are undertaken remotely after customers and staff have finalised requirements.

At OptoFab we have teams of dedicated staff who are on hand to provide either services or technical support to users where appropriate. Industry access at commercial rates is also available for proprietary research. Research collaborations, contract research and development or consulting are also welcomed.

OptoFab Access and pricing policy.

Accessing the ANFF.

If you need further assistance with any of the access steps please contact the Facility POC.